What is the Sliding Fee Program?
The Health Center provides sliding fees to patients who are eligible for our Sliding Fee Program. Enrollment in the program is based on federal guidelines which use family income and family size to figure the amount of the discount. Bills are reduced after all other sources of payment have been applied.

What are the Income Guidelines?

You may be eligible for a discount on many of our services if your income falls below these guidelines, EVEN IF YOU HAVE INSURANCE!

Family Size

Annual Income

















Revised February 2014

How do I apply?

You need to fill out an application form. When you fill out your application, you must attach the following:

  • proof of current family income (paycheck stubs, copies of unemployment checks, Social Security award letter, etc.)
  • if you are self-employed, you also need to give us a copy of your latest tax return

If you cannot provide this information, please speak to the Social Services Coordinator. If there are special issues you would like us to consideer when we review your application, please write them on a separate piece of paper.


Return your completed application form with attachments to the Health Center, either in person or by mailing to:
Outreach Enrollment Coordinator
Sacopee Valley Health Center
70 Main Street Porter ME 04068


If you feel that you may be eligible for a discount, please fill out an application form. All information you provide us in your application is kept completely confidential.


What Services are Covered?

 Most Health Center services are covered. However, the amount of the discount depends on what the service is. You will receive a letter explaining which services are discounted and by how much.


When can I apply?
You can apply for the Sliding fee Prorgram at any time of the year. Once you qualify your enrollment generally lasts for one year.  

When Does My Sliding Fee Discount Run Out? Generally your fee discount runs out twelve months after your date of enrollmnent. Please submit a new application before your expiration date to avoid a gap in fee discount coverage.

Other Benefits of our Sliding Fee Program

  • Discounts on some prescribed medications at Community Pharmacy in Cornish & Gorham.
  • Some services provided at Maine Medical center or MMC Diagnostic Center may also be discounted.
  • Some services at Mercy Hospital are also eligible for a discount for some enrollees. These include laboratory, mammography, x-ray, cardiac and pulmonary testing.
  • If you are on Sacopee Valley Health Center's Sliding Fee Program, you will qualify for a discount on NorDx Lab Services provided at the Health Center.
You will get more specific information about these benefits once you are enrolled.

Call 207-625-8126 for more information.











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