Patient and Family Advisory Council


Sacopee Valley Health Center started a Patient and Family Advisory Council In August of 2009.  The council is comprised of five patients who meet quarterly to discuss patient care, program initiative/development, publication redesign and to offer input to SVHC staff from a patient perspective.

Sacopee Valley Health Center prides itself in having the Patient and Family Advisory Council which allows for patient input in SVHC's operations.  The council's first project was to help with the redesign of the lobby area which was completed in the fall of 2011.  With the input from council members the check-in area was redesigned with a more open concept approach and the placement of our patient support specialist helped create a more welcome feeling.  The halls of the health center are now lined with handrailings (another council suggestion) and there is now a separate area for check-out services.


Another program that the council offered valuable input on was the decision for the Sacopee Valley Health Center to offer "Shared Decision Making" DVDs, focused on colorectal screening options.  The council viewed the DVD and unanimously supported this program.  With the council's approval, SVHC went forward with this program and is now able to offer this informational DVD to patients to help them decide which screening option is best for them.

The council is also regularly consulting on the layout, appearance and text of program publications.  They have helped create our Integrated Primary Care and Pathways Through Pain brochures and also the inclusion of Patient Centered Medical Home materials in all New Patient packets.

This is only a snapshot of all the hard work and input the council has provided to Sacopee Valley Health Center.  We thank them for their dedication to SVHC and the patients we serve!  Please take a moment to "meet" our members.


Alice Eschrich-Simeti

Advisory Council Member since 2009


Alice has been a resident of Limerick for the past 14 years. She moved here from the “big city” New York City and has not missed it a bit. Alice moved to Maine, only knowing her daughter, but has found the people of Maine to be a very friendly and helpful group. 

Alice is a member of the Research Club of Limerick and a “friend” of the Limerick-Newfield Lions Club where she helps out as much as she can. 


Alice has a been a patient of Sacopee Valley Health Center since moving to Maine and has found all her needs to be met extremely well and has felt honored to be asked to be a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council. She has found her opinions and suggestions readily listened to, considered, and discussed. Alice says: “I am very grateful to be able to give back to the community when it has given me so much.”



Joseph D. Finkle

Advisory Council Member since 2009


Joe is a retired postal worker and Navy veteran who has travelled the country and world extensively. He now resides in Parsonfield and cares for his elderly mother. His interests include literature, music and the internet.  




Joseph Vaughan Jr.

Advisory Council Member since 2010


Joseph moved to Brownfield, Maine in 2006 with his wife and three children. He became a patient of the Sacopee Valley Health Center in 2009 after a trip to Walk In Care. Joseph was so impressed with the staff and office itself that he decided this was the medical facility that best suited his needs.

Joseph enjoys spending time with his wife, two young daughters, grown son and his first granddaughter. He volunteers at the local food pantry and is a member of Brownfield’s Recreation Committee.


Joseph has been an active member of the Patient Advisory Committee for two years. It has satisfied him to give an opinion or suggestion and gradually notice his ideas being used within the center. Joseph says, “I have never experienced this in a healthcare setting before.”

Joseph welcomes other patients to contact him with any suggestions, questions, or concerns and will bring those to the Advisory Committee. He says “I am confident that our health care professionals will devote themselves to ensure all patient needs are heard and are met to the best of their capabilities."




Scott Collard

Advisory Council Member since 2009


Scott and his wife Ellen have lived in Parsonsfield for more than 10 years. He has been a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council since it began in 2009. Scott is a landscape architect and planner with an international consulting firm based in Canada.  In his spare time he enjoys fishing, skiing, reading, and travel.





Ellen Needham

Advisory Council Member since 2009


Ellen has lived in the Sacopee area since 1999 and been volunteering at the health center since 2000.  Ellen also volunteers at South Hiram Elementary School in the 2nd grade class.  She says, " I think a person can always learn something new".


Ellen's husband passed in 2005 and she has a son who lives in Seattle.  She shares her home and life with her two girls; a Jack Russell Terrier and a Golden lab.


"Being on the Patient and Family Advisory Council seemed like a natural step having already been a volunteer and it is a rewarding job."